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Ignite Your TikTok Strategy with Our Script Generator

Do you have a TikTok account and want to make a statement in your 1-minute video?

Well, the world is all about creativity. Together with the use of AI, you can unlock endless possibilities with our advanced TikTok video script generator.

You don't have to stare at your desktop screen wondering what to post. Introducing Zaayve AI, a TikTok script Generator that simplifies the workload. Post your idea and get a brief script. Zaayve AI helps make engaging TikTok scripts that not only make your content appealing - but also help you foster a relationship

between you and your followers. Engaging with your followers requires great words to inspire and connect. Whether you're an expert in the dropshipping business or an influencer inspiring his audience

to improve their lifestyle, you need a script to get started. Save time and money while staying up-to-date with the latest trends and content ideas that help gain maximum exposure.

All you need is to tell us what you want, and we'll make it happen for you.Zaayve uses cutting-edge technology to write high-quality TikTok scripts that not only reflect your brand identity but also encourage audiences to stick to your videos in the long run. So, take a bowl of popcorn and watch the magic happen.


Real-Time Editing

  1. If you want to remove some parts of the script or edit stuff, you can do this by leveraging our text editor which allows you to remove a specific part of the script, highlight, or make bullet points, etc.


Multilingual support

  1. Without a surprise, Tiktok has over 1.1 billion users worldwide, the downloads crossed over 220 million alone in the United States, and are available in more than 160+ countries. This makes TikTok a multilingual platform. Zaayve AI caters to these needs and offers multilingual support for creating TikTok scripts that resonate with different cultures.


5 catchyTips to write Tiktok video scripts

Know your audience

The first step first, when you walk out to make a TikTok video, you need to have a clear vision of your target audience. Does the niche you start have enough audience on the platform? If you know your audience, you can target them with an accurate strategy. 


Start with a strong hook

For successful TikTok videos, an opening is what matters a lot. I mean a lot.Because the average user scrolls around 3 - 4 videos every 5 seconds, and if the first 2 sec of your video doesn't hook him/her up, then you'll probably lose the chance to convert him into a follower or get an appreciation video liking. Tell the user your strong point, and he'll stick together for sure. For example, "trusted over 8000+ customers",


Keep it short and straight.

Make your statement short and to the point, and don't go for hidden treasures that make your visitors feel bored. Sometimes short works well. If you successfully retain the user for 5-8 seconds, then congrats.


Use subtitles 

People consume too much video content and that's where the use of subtitles becomes handy. Imagine a person sitting in a crowded place without earphones, watching your video with subtitles, and the message you're trying to give.


Speak like you do, genuinely

Always speak like you do, and make it clear and concise. Most people opt for formal tones because they can't match their tone with the effect they want to reach. Thus, end up not conveying a proper message. So, be genuine, and know what you're doing. Memorize the script and be realistic with your voice.



(Frequently Asked Questions)


Does Zaayve AI's TikTok scriptwriter offer a free plan?

Yes, we offer a free plan for whoever gets registered on our website, allowing you to access captivating features to generate engaging TikTok video scripts without cost.


Can I write scripts for different niches? Like ads and product demos?

Yes, you can. It is called brand marketing like, for example, Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Create engaging TikTok branding scripts and provide a solid foundation to plan and deliver.


Does the content generated is 100% original?

The content developed by Zaayve AI is 100% original and unique. Our AI tool leverages advanced algorithms to tailor your needs, ensuring authenticity in every script.


How does a script can impact my TikTok video?

Scripts can impact your TikTok videos. The use of ideal phrases to make a good intro of the video can impact your audience in the long run. Good scripts act like medicine. Zaayve AI ensures writing captivating TikTok scripts that trigger the wow factor. 


Kickstart your TikTok video script in 3 easy steps


Tell us about your purpose/post

Tell Zaayve what you like to write about. Our intuitive AI knows how exactly to bring your creative idea to life. Even if you're running short of ideas, give us a glimpse, and we'll handle the rest.


Add Keywords

The best result comes after the best input of keywords and phrases that match your brand or post's content. Set the content tone whether it's conversational, formal, or any other, and let Zaayve take on the charge!

Generate content 

That's it. Hit the generate button, sit back, and relax. Your content is ready to publish for your upcoming post. For a moment, if you want to make changes to your content, you can leverage our AI editor and edit, delete, or copy the content effortlessly. Zaayve - your official content Generator.


We believe in empowering your creativity. With over 170 templates at your fingertips, transforming ideas into reality has never been easier. Let’s write!