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PowerPoint is a powerful presentation tool that can be used to create a slide show of bits using charts and images. PowerPoint is an all-in-one presentation graphics solution that provides everything you need to make your presentation look professional. If you’ve ever had trouble presenting your ideas, don’t worry; Zaayve is here to help. Zaayve helps write presentation content that resonates with your target audience. Keep reading to discover the many benefits of using our PowerPoint presentation slides writer (PPT slides writer).

Now, let's get to work learning how to write a PowerPoint presentation. The trick outline and plan ahead of time. Remember, this outline won't necessarily go into your presentation, but it serves as a roadmap for you to use as you build out your slides. 

Begin with a thesis statement

It is a single sentence that outlines the topic of your presentation. For this to succeed, your thesis should be specific, relevant, and debatable.


Think of it as an argument

Your slide deck will be devoted to proving this argument. These statements can be general or more focused. For instance, saying that it's good for photographers to be aware of their surroundings is a general thesis. To be more specific, you could say, as a street photographer, it's important to be clear about your circumstances.

Highlight relevant points

It's a good idea to work through everything you can think of that applies to the topic at hand. Then, circle back and highlight the key points that you deem most important. The advantage lies in brevity here. Focus on too many key points and you'll end up with a rambling, overlong presentation. Try and keep to five or six key points if you can. Now, make an outline. Here's an example of an outline I built for my slides. 

1. Introduction

  • Brief overview of renewable energy
    • Importance of renewable energy in the modern world

2. History of Renewable Energy

  • Early uses of renewable resources
    • Technological advancements through the centuries

3. Types of Renewable Energy Technologies

  • Solar Power
      • Photovoltaics (PV)
    • Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)
  • Wind Energy
      • Turbines and Wind Farms
    • Offshore Wind Farms
  • Hydropower
      • Run-of-River Systems
    • Hydroelectric Dams
  • Biomass Energy
      • Biofuels
    • Biomass Power Plants
  • Geothermal Energy
      • Direct Use Applications
    • Geothermal Power Plants


It's how to write PowerPoint presentation decks with ease. This outline, as you can see, is a plan showing the layout of the presentation about renewable energy and the key points you'll explore. Organize them in a logical flow. Be sure to build a strong intro, focus on some topics, and wrap up with a robust conclusion. In conclusion, it's a good idea to recap those key points to leave your audience with the right impression.

Zaayve's AI PPT Slides Writer 

Using Zaayve AI means you won't have to spend hours staring at a blank screen, wishing you could be doing something else. This frees up all that extra time so you can practice your presentation, add cool pictures to your slides, or maybe even write a killer joke to tell at the end!

With Zaayve AI on your team, you can create presentations that are clear, interesting, and way less stressful to put together. Remember, a good presentation can help you ace that project, impress your classmates, or maybe even win a class award! So, ditch the presentation worries and let Zaayve AI help you become a slide superstar! Visit their website to learn more and see for yourself how awesome presentations can be! 

Getting started with Zaayve

Getting started with Zaayve is easy; you need to visit Zaayve and sign up if you haven't already. Ok, let's discuss how to generate PPT slides using the PPT slides writer tool. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Visit zaayve.com.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. You will see a lot of categories of various tools on our tools page. Click on the "PPT slides writer" tool from the writing assistant category.
  4. Now, write whatever the idea is in your mind. Briefly describe the thoughts you have and how you want the presentation slides to be.
  5. Select the desired language for your slides. Zaayve offers more than seven (7) popular languages of the world to open up the door to great content writing experience.
  6. Select the tone for your PPT slides, whether it be formal, casual, informative, or others.
  7. Set the length of the number of words you want to generate.
  8. Click the "Generate Content" button.

Your PPT slide contents are on the way; it usually takes a few seconds to complete. Once completed, you can edit, copy, or delete to make changes to your PPT slides using Zaayv's built-in editor designed for custom needs. For some reason, if you think the generated output is not exactly what you want, then you can regenerate again. 

Once you find the content valuable for your PPT slides, you can either copy it directly from the editor or download the files (PDF, Txt, Word, etc).

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is Zaayve's PPT Slides Writer?

Zaayve's PPT Slides Writer, short for PowerPoint Slides Writer is an AI-powered tool designed to assist users in creating professional PowerPoint presentations. It helps generate slide content, suggest layouts, and how to present your presentation to your audience.

2. How does Zaayve AI assist in creating presentations?

When a user inputs his idea, Zaayve AI analyzes their presentation topic, key points, and desired style. Then, it generates slide content based on users' input suggests your presentation style, and provides relevant content material.

3. Can Zaayve PPT Slides Writer customize presentations?

Yes. We allow our users to customize their presentations. Users can input specific details about the topic of their presentation, word length, target audiences, and tone of their presentation. Creating PPT slides with Zaayve's PPT slides writer takes only a few seconds.

4. Is Zaayve's PPT Slides Writer suitable for all types of presentations?

Zaayve itself is a very versatile format, it can be used for various types of content-generation tools. One example is our PPT slides writer tool, users can use this for educational lectures, online conferences, office meetings, etc. It assists in creating engaging PPT slide content that addresses the common idea of the user.

5. Can I use all other tools in my free plan?

As long as you have free credits, you can try any tool. However, the free plan has only 100 credits. So, take note of your credits before they go in vain. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a premium plan to enjoy 1000 credits for $10. Plus, you can upgrade your plan anytime you want. 

6. Can I collaborate with others using Zaayve PPT Slides Writer?

Our PPT Slides Writer primarily focuses on individual use. However, users can share the generated slides content with collaborators for feedback and further refinement.


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