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Writing a full-scale blog takes time; if you have a content writer, then it's fine. But if you're on your own, then you must know the latest industry trends to get started. Zaayve ensures its readers or customers never miss a deadline and writes top-notch content for their upcoming blog posts. By the end of this article, you'll be able to:

  • Write full-scale blog posts following the latest industry trends.
  • SEO-optimised blog post
  • Know how to leverage call-to-action in your blog post.
  • Add hooks to your blogs.

 The Basics of a Blog Post or an Article


A blog post or an article must have several points to get started. The ideal blog post or article has a good opening or an introduction followed by a catchy headline. Let's dig into the basics of blogging.

Title or Heading

It is the first and foremost step towards the SEO of your blog. Google and other search engines identify the heading tags (HTML tags) to rank a blog post on a particular keyword. If Google sees it fit, there are more chances to land on the first page. So, having a catchy tagline that addresses the story of your blog post is essential. You can try Zaayve's "Blog Title Generator" to write SEO-friendly blog titles for your articles or blog posts.



People make great mistakes when it comes to the introduction of a blog post. I mean, you're about to tell the users what you have, and you're not putting in any effort or telling the user why he's here. A great intro has a clear message at the start; start with a question to engage the user and provide maximum information to make him stay and read the rest of your post.

Body Paragraphs

That's where you can exercise the maximum use of potential keywords to boost SEO rankings. The body paragraphs may contain relevant information about the questions you raise in your intro or supporting the context of your headings. Use bullet points to organize your blog posts, and ensure to use subheadings. Blog posts with relevant body paragraphs rank higher and perform well for long-term SEO. Structure your blog post so the user can easily understand what information he needs most.

Relevant Images

Adding images or photos to your blog posts gives a boost to your SEO rankings. The best approach is to rename your images or photos with the target keyword. Target keywords, when used together with images can be a plus for your blog post. Another way to Boost your SEO is to use Infographics like pie charts, share graphs, or simple text proving your point.


The links are great. They contribute a lot towards the SEO of your post. Adding links to your other posts can benefit a lot. The best way to optimize your link is to use target keywords in your link formation. Google also reads links, and your links must have some meaning. An ideal blog or an article must have one (1) link inserted. You can try to add many links as long as they support the point you are trying to make. Adding links will redirect users to other pages or blog posts; try adding the relevant links to other blog posts that define the context of why the user comes here. Adding several links to your website impacts positively on your website.



As you move towards the end of your blog post, it's time to summarize the main or key points. Give the user the overview of the blog post by supporting the points you covered so far. Ask the user to give feedback about the content you shared. Asking questions can also engage the users to give answers through comment sections, that's why a comment section is essential for SEO because Google and other search engines prefer blog posts with community support (where users share their thoughts). Be sure about the things you stated before and conclude them nicely at the end. 

Call to Action

A solid call-to-action may include your premium services or products you want users to purchase. It can be a link to your other posts offering extra details about the topic or services you mentioned in your article. The best way to leverage the call-to-action is to add the button with the link to your resources. 


The idea is to make the user click that link because if the user comes all the way here, he must click the link to discover the services or products you are offering. For example, for this very post, you are here to generate a blog post. Zaayve's blog post generator tool allows users to generate top-notch content for their upcoming blog posts and leave a long-lasting impression on their visitors. Visit our tool now! See? It's easy.


So, that's it. You are good to go.


So, What is the Blog Post Generator?

A tool to generate a full-scale blog post in no time. Zaayve's blog post generator tools allow users to write captivating and SEO-friendly blog posts. Here's how it works: 


  1. Visit and ctrl +find the "full Blog Generator".
  2. Briefly describe your niche or blog topic (e.g., fashion, travel, tech).
  3. You can also set the desired tone and language for your post.
  4. Set the number of words for this post.
  5. Add relevant keywords you wanted to include in your blog post.
  6. Hit "Generate".


Zaayve's intuitive AI will generate SEO-optimized blog posts in seconds. Feel free to edit or customize your blog post using Zaayve's built-in editor. 




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