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A poor post flow is the only reason that makes our blog posts "bad." When you're not fully covering a topic and start jumping on another topic, it gives a negative impression to readers. Readers are naive; if they find your post valuable at first sight, they'll stay; otherwise, they find other material on the web. A great start to your blog post is to give readers an outline of your blog. It will make them stay on your blog post if they find what they're looking for.


What is a Blog Outline?

A blog outline is the physical structure of your blog post. It gives an idea to readers who are seeking specific content material. The idea is to feature the points of the blog and list them to readers.


Why Blog Outlines Are Essential?

A well-defined blog outline or table of contents paves the way for effective reader engagement in your blog. Here are three (3) reasons why blog outlines are essential:

  1. Clarity and Focus: An outline makes you cut your topic into smaller pieces or segments to focus on specific sections. It gives a clear idea to readers why they intend to read this content.
  2. The organized structure of the blog: Outline acts as a physical structure of your blog. A blog outline gives a clear idea to readers to understand the flow of your blog posts. It improves the reading experience and enhances readers' engagement with your post.
  3. Time that matters: Outlines act as a time-saver. Imagine a reader comes to your post with a specific question in mind and has to browse down your post to find the answer he was looking for. It sounds irritating, right? That's why using a blog outline can significantly reduce the stress of readers finding a specific section of knowledge your posts have. Now, the reader comes to your blog post and finds the blog outline; he clicks on it, and it takes him to where the specific section is.


How does the Blog Outline work?

Imagine a reader comes to your blog post looking for "how to optimize the content for SEO?", instead of scrolling all the way, you can highlight it on your blog outline. For example, below is the example of a blog outline for Renewable Energy blog post:

Blog Outline example:


1. Introduction

  • Brief overview of renewable energy
    • Importance of renewable energy in the modern world

2. History of Renewable Energy

  • Early uses of renewable resources
    • Technological advancements through the centuries

3. Types of Renewable Energy Technologies

  • Solar Power
      • Photovoltaics (PV)
    • Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)
  • Wind Energy
      • Turbines and Wind Farms
    • Offshore Wind Farms
  • Hydropower
      • Run-of-River Systems
    • Hydroelectric Dams
  • Biomass Energy
      • Biofuels
    • Biomass Power Plants
  • Geothermal Energy
      • Direct Use Applications
    • Geothermal Power Plants


4. Conclusion

  • Importance of Renewable Energy
  • Encourage the use of Renewable Energy


This example above gives a clear overview of what's inside your blog post. Now, the reader can click any piece from your blog outline and browse directly without scrolling further. How we've utilized the topic and divided it into smaller segments? Let's find out.


  1. Pick Your Topic: What will your post be about? Animals? Games? Maybe even funny stories!
  2. Brainstorm Big Ideas: Imagine you're explaining your topic or imagination to a friend or office buddy. What are the key things they should know? Write down the main points. Cover all the fairy tales around the topic as we did above; for example, if the reader wants to read about 'wind power', we break it into smaller segments like 'Turbines and Wind Farms' and 'Offshore Wind Farms'.
  3. Break it Down: Now we have the two (2) smaller segments of "wind power," it's time to explain these segments cohesively.


Boom, we just created a perfect outline for your blog post. But how are you going to write this masterpiece all by yourself? That's where you need Zaayve. Zaayve is a content generator tool designed specifically for up to 170+ tools. Zaayve also offers a blog outline generator to write outlines that 

explain the flow of your blog posts. 


Introducing Zaayve - a Blog Outline Generator

So far, we've discussed how to write an optimized blog. Now, let's talk about the speedy process to generate the blog outline for your blog post using Zaayve. Why waste time when Zaayve can generate the blog outline in a few seconds? Zaayve ensures that you generate an effective blog outline for your blog post that not only gives super insights but also saves readers time.


  1. Real-time editing: Refine your content on the go with our built-in real-time editor to power your writing experience. Select the desired generated blog outline, edit, copy, or delete using Zaayve's intuitive editor built for custom needs.
  2. Multilingual support: Break language barriers and reach a worldwide audience. Need a blog outline in French or Portuguese? Worry not. Zaayve supports 7+ popular languages, allowing you to generate content for multiple nations using only one tool. Capture the attention of your worldwide audience by leveraging the use of Zaayve in your work.
  3. The tone of voice:  Zaayve's generated content sounds 100% like yours. Select the desired tone before generating the blog outline. Choose from the list of 10+ tones to give flavor to your outline, and yeah, Zaayve will create a high-quality blog outline that resonates with your brand value.
  4. Target keywords made it easier: Provide Zaayve with your keywords in mind and watch the magic of crafting a top-notch blog outline happen. 
  5. Discover the pack of ideas: Out of ideas for your content? Try Zaayve's premium suggestion for free to generate the blog outline you need. Our tool was designed to craft search-engine-friendly blog outlines that provide value and engage your audience.

 That's it. Create your blog outline now!


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



 1) How does the Zaayve AI blog outline generator work?

Zaayve AI blog outline generator uses advanced algorithms to generate a blog outline optimized for your blog post; you need to tell us about your niche, and we'll deliver it for you. You can tell us the desired keywords to use in your blog outline. Zaayve ensures you write/generate the best-optimized outline that explains your blog post.


2) Are the generated outlines are 100% free to use?

Yes, it's all yours. All the content generated using Zaayve 's tool will be yours and yours only. There is no copyright claim and you can upload the generated content to your posts or social media platforms.


3) Is Zaayve 100% free? 

We offer a free trial with up to 100 credits for a lifetime (no daily resets). However, you can enjoy the most of our platform using a premium plan starting from only $10 featuring up to 1000 credits. Plus, you can also upgrade your as well.]


4) Can I use all other tools in my free plan?

As long as you have free credits, you can try any tool. However, the free plan has only 100 credits. So, take note of your credits before they go in vain. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a premium plan to enjoy 1000 credits for $10. Plus, you can upgrade your plan anytime you want. 


5) What other tools does Zaayve offer?

So much that you can imagine. Zaayve offers up to 170+ variety of content creation tools to optimize your content writing experience. 


 6) How much content can I generate per day?

As long as you want, Zaayve never bound its customers to generate a specific amount of content. It's yours, and use it the way you desire to generate content.




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